Corner of the Beach Historical Society

Historical museum on the site of what was St. Luke's Church.

Update 2016

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Societe Historique de Coin­-du­-Banc Corner of the Beach Historical Society
(referred to below as S.H.C.B.H.S.)


Gift of a piano gratefully received
Impromptu mini concert
Survey to all households in Coin-du-Banc completed
Established Corner of the Beach Cultural Museum | Musée culturel de Coin-du-Banc in former St. Luke’s Anglican Church. ­ Curator-Beulah Havis
Executive Meeting of Board of Directors of S.H.C.B.H.S. Annual General Meeting of S.H.C.B.H.S
Official Opening of Cultural Museum including Afternoon of Music and Reception
Quilt Exhibition and Sale
July/October Sale of quilt raffle tickets at numerous community events.


Installation of piano, display cabinets, shelving and a door in the museum.

Fence (sea side) completed and painted.

Mapping of cemetery commenced.

Roof on sea side replaced marking completion of all roofing restoration.

Repairs made possible through co­operation of Bertrand Daraiche Const.
Note: All above maintenance and upgrades made possible thanks to fundraising and member support.
$1,800. still owed for roofing. Due to repairs required before another winter, it was felt the shortfall could be made up in 2016.

Please Note: An application has been made for funding to hire a student during July and August so the museum can be opened to the public on most days.
Subject to funding an offer has been made by a local author to prepare and publish a booklet about the historical buildings of Corner of the Beach which would be for sale at the Corner of the Beach. Cultural Museum

Membership Renewal Month / Music Concert Fundraiser

JULY                                                                                                                                                         Music Concert Fundraiser Raffle and Craft Sale
Participation in Pioneer Days Craft Sale

August 6­-13 Music Camp for Youth ­ A project of Ajay Heble and Alain Chalifour will make use of the Corner of the Beach Cultural Museum

Sale table at the Annual Flea Market in L`Anse aux Beaufils

Please Note: These plans have yet to be finalized, details will follow. The Corner of the Beach Cultural Museum welcomes reservations for weddings, art shows, business meetings and other suitable bookings.


Add to museum displays/Install Exit lights/Upgrade Electrical System.
Make entrance more handicap accessible/Grade parking lot and change the entry to the north side.

Install rented port a potty.

Clear brush to make building more visible when approaching from Percé.

Continue fence repairs and improvements to Cemetery.

Continue mapping of Cemetery.

Please Note: All above items are for discussion purposes and subject to change.

No project will be commenced without proper costing and Executive Committee approval. We trust our supporters will continue to renew memberships and donate to our projects.
Donations of photos and memorabilia of Corner of the Beach can be forwarded to the attention of Beulah Havis at the address below.

Ways to Donate
Income Tax receipts will be issued by United Way
United Way: Payroll deductions directed to Corner of the Beach Historical Society
CHARITABLE # 846212975RR0001
Income Tax receipts will be issued by United Way
Cheque: Make payable to Corner of the Beach Historical Society at address below Income Tax receipts will be issued

Once again we thank you for your support

Shirley(Mabe)Boyle, President

Janet Harvey, Vice­ President                   Alex Sunny Vibert, Vice­ President

Address de Site Address: 294 route 132 E, Coin­-du­-Banc, Perce Qc GOC 2L0
C.P. / Mailing Address: 350 rue de la Plage Coin­-du-­Banc Perce Qc GOC 2L0                      Courriel / e­mail:
Update 2106 2/18/2016

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