Corner of the Beach Historical Society

Historical museum on the site of what was St. Luke's Church.


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Taxes have been mailed.This includes 3010 form for Fed.Gov.

Update to Lettres Patentes completed for Que.Gov.

Great to see our finances in better shape than last year. 

All outstanding bills paid and money in the bank to start next year.

We have applied to the Federal Gov. for a grant of $25000. to add handicap access at the museum.

If we are awarded this grant it will cover 100% of cost to build road parking and walkway at rear of Museum.

Also in this project is electrical upgrade ,which is long overdue.

We will not hear until March. Hope we are successful.

Special thanks to Denise Ladouceur who filled out all paperwork and was the liaison with the gov. agency .

Thanks to Earle Mabe for leasing to us the land(nominal fee of $1.00 annually) required for the road,parking etc. 

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