Corner of the Beach Historical Society

Historical museum on the site of what was St. Luke's Church.

Prix de Memoires Vivantes

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Attached are the pictures from the presentation ceremony in Chandler, QC of the prizes for “Prix de Memoires Vivantes“, a new competition for cultural organizations in the Percé Regional Municipality which includes the are from Port Daniel to Prevel. I am delighted to say that the first prize ever awarded went to the Musée culturel de Coin du Banc- Corner of the Beach Cultural Museum!!! Those accepting on our behalf are Janet Harvey in orange blouse holding the art work and on either side of her, Pat and Sunny Vibert. Janet Harvey who is one of the directors of the Corner of the Beach Historical Society was instrumental in winning this award for us since she was able to do all the entry requirements on the computer and in French. At the ceremony today e were highly praised for our efforts in preserving our English cultural and sharing our building and events with our Francophone neighbours. This award had a $500. cheque for SHCBHS as well. Through Pat and Sunny`s efforts and help from Vision Percé-Gaspé, we obtained a grant from the federal govt. which will be allow us to hire a student from the end of June to end of August to be in the museum from 11-4 six days a week. An improvisational music camp “Musical Improvisation at Land`s End“ and The Percé Film Festival will be renting the building for two periods in August so the efforts of all those who support SHCBHS are beginning to come to fruition. A personal thank-you to all of you.unnamedunnamed-1

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